Indication: Acute Graft-vs- Host Disease (aGvHD)
Stage: Preclinical

Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is a powerful therapy that can be curative for a wide range of blood cell disorders. However, the hope of a cure comes with the risk of a potentially life threatening complication called GvHD. Since leukemia patients generally have no better options, they receive a BMT and may suffer death or reduced quality of life from the many symptoms that come with GvHD (burning skin rash, organ failure etc.). For patients with less immediately lethal diseases like sickle cell disease, the potential cure of a BMT is not often seen to be worth the risk of GvHD.

Our mission is to make BMT safer so it will have better outcomes and can be used to cure more patients. We believe that our EMC will provide a safe and effective solution, which will set it apart from the sub-optimal drugs currently clinically used.